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About AlfaBi studio

“AlfaBi studio d'arte e Restauro” arose following owner Dr. Anastassia Belessioti's decision to replace the “A.B studio d'arte e restauro”.

The “A.B studio d'arte e restauro” was active in cultural heritage from 1993 to 1998 and operated almost exclusively in the restoration of paintings on canvas and on wood.

During these active years for “A.B studio d'arte e restauro”, its clients' requirements led owner Dr. Anastassia Belessioti ever closer to the decision to also deal with other fields relating to the restoration and preservation of works of art.

San Sebastiano

“Saint Sebastian”
(b Venice 1485-6 – d Rome 21 Giugno 1547)
Oil on slate
The philosophy by which the restoration of a work of art is above all a cultural deed, plus Dr. Anastassia Belessioti's continuous and profound studies from the technical, scientific and artistic viewpoints, spurred her to the decision to establish the “AlfaBi studio d'arte e Restauro” in 1999. Since then, the operational sectors have grown to five! The traditional field of restoring paintings on canvas and wood has been by added to by the restoration of icons, frescoes, polychrome wooden sculptures and artefacts, plus metal art objects.

This decision, which has been welcomed positively by clients in both the public and private sectors, has meant that “AlfaBi Studio d'Arte e Restauro” and its specialist collaborators have supplied their services to help in the preservation of works of art owned by prestigious museums, such as Milan's “Castello Sforzesco” and “Museo di Milano”, and also for ecclesiastical entities run by the Archiepiscopate, such as the “Basilica of Saint Ambrose” in Milan.