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AlfaBi studio

The “AlfaBi studio d'arte e Restauro” operates in the area of cultural heritage, specializing in the preservation and restoration of paintings on canvas and on wood, polychrome wooden sculptures and artefacts, frescoes and murals, plus metal art works and icons.

In “AlfaBi studio d’arte e Restauro” the art, technology, tradition, innovation and the past with the present, are united with professionalism so as to safeguard, enhance and deliver to the future that precious asset that is called our artistic and architectural heritage.

“Still life”
Saint Bartholomew and Saint Satyrus baroque-style chapel
Basilica of Saint Ambrose - Milan
The qualified staff, the planning and programming in the fields of intervention, plus the dialogue with clients, are the fundamental features of the “AlfaBi studio d'arte e Restauro”.

The complexity and variety in the nature of the art works that the “AlfaBi studio d'arte e Restauro” is specialized in working with, has revealed the fundamental requirement for closely examining the chemical composition of their materials and the qualitative state of their preservation. The need for very high precision diagnostic analyzes in a laboratory that usually accompany every step of a restoration operation on a work of art, is fulfilled by close co-operation and consultation with highly qualified outside professionals and laboratories that operate in both the public sector (for the various heritage superintendence agencies) and the private sector (for various museums and ecclesiastical bodies).

This very complexity and historical importance of the various works of art for which the studio is usually called on in order to help in their preservation, has demonstrated the fundamental need for in-depth historico-artistic and stylistic knowledge. For the historico-artistic research into the style, artist, origin and all that would be necessary for knowing about the formation and history of a work of art, “AlfaBi studio d'arte e Restauro” can make use of the contribution and collaboration of well-established scholars and researchers with both national and international experience.

Our philosophy is that restoring a work of art is above all a cultural deed. Our commitment is to continue to operate in the field of preservation and restoration of art works in order to help safeguard and deliver to the future those precious objects that form part of our historical, artistic and architectural wealth of Cultural Heritage, whether belonging to public or to private bodies.